Informational Bulletins

On this page, you will be continuously updated on all important information released from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services.


2019-01 Drowning and near drowning event reporting for PA Public Bathing Place Regulated Facilities
2019-02 EMS Student Clinical Experience
2019-03-Measles Guidance for EMS Providers
2019-05 Hepatitis A Outbreak


2018-02 Updated Naloxone Standing Order
2018-03 Naloxone Leave Behind – Medical Command
2018-04 FBI Clearance Service Codes Information
2018-05 Naloxone Leave Behind Survey
2018-06 EMS Agency NEMSIS Compliance Update
2018-07 Updated CCT and Air Ambulance Transport Approved Educational Programs
2018-10 BLS agency survey of voluntary naloxone participation
2018-11 State Recognized CPR Programs
2018-12 Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) courses (non-department of health)
2018-13 Out-of-State EMS Providers PA EMS Educational Institute Clinical and Field Experience
2018-15 Stop the Bleed App
2018-16 -Tourniquet Quantities
2018-17-Ground Ambulances Supporting Air Ambulance Operations
2018-18-CCT Air Protocol 
2018-19 EMS Licensure Application Registry
2018-21 Direct Pay Notice of form publication
2018-22 PPE and Responder Safety
2018-23 Crediting EMR Stations to EMT Psychomotor Exams
2018-25 Approval of Law Enforcement K-9 Continuing Education Course


2017-01 County Level or Broader Level EMS Response Plan
2017-02 Legal Blood Draws – Interim Guidelines
2017-03 Naloxone Increase Dosage Option
2017-05 Critical Care Transport and Air Ambulance Transport Approved Educational Programs
2017-06 Minimum Staffing
2017-07 Drowning
2017-08 WannaCry Ransomeware Cyber Attack
2017-09 2017 Statewide Protocol, Scope of Practice, Required Medication List, and Required Vehicle Equipment and Supplies List Updates
2017-11 Revising 2017-10 Pediatric Safe Transport Devices
2017-12 Vehicle Equipment and Supplies Implementation Date
2017-17 Expired Medications
2017-19 Potential Sterile Saline Solution Shortage
2017-20 Limited Continuing Education on TRAIN PA
2017-21 Allowance of Multiple Pediatric Safe Transport Devices


2016-001 QRS Staffing Clarification
2016-002 Critical Care Transport and Air Transport Approved Educational Programs
2016-003 Clarification for Chest Tubes in Paramedic Scope of Practice
2016-06 EMS Provider Certification Examination Fees
2016-07 Emergency Medical Services Provider Certification Application
2016-08 PHRN Scope and Anesthetic Administration
2016-09 Statewide ALS Protocol Update to Reflect Increased Naloxone Dosing in Altered Mental Status
2016-10 DirectPay Legislation


2015-001 EMS Medication Shortage Procedure
2015-002 CPR Requirements
2015-003 2015 PA DOH Statewide Protocol Update
2015-004 AEMT Certified Providers
2015-005 2015 PA DOH Statewide Protocol Update
2015-006 Voluntary Rescue Service Recognition (VRSR) Water Rescue Application
2015-007A State Recognized CPR Programs
2015-008 Federal Specification for the Star-of-life Ambulance, KKK-A-1822F
2015-009 2015 PA DOH Statewide AEMT Protocol
2015-010 Use of ALS Monitor/defibrillators by BLS Providers and AEMT’s on vehicles used at the BLS and IALS Levels
2015-011 2015 PA DOH Statewide Protocol Update
2015-012 New Release Update
2015-013 EMS Providers performing legal blood draws
2015-014 EMS Certification Reminders
2015-015 Critical Care Transport and Air Ambulance Provider Expaned Scope of Pratice


2014-001 State Recognized CPR Programs
2014-002 EMS Transfer of Care Form
2014-003 Ebola Update
2014-004 Naloxone
2014-005 Identification of Ebola Treatment Facilities
2014-006 Scope of Practice for Emergency Medical Providers
2014-007 EVZIO Naloxone Auto-Injector Donation Update


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