Eastern PA Regional EMS Agencies making a difference in the delivery of cardiac care

For STEMI patients, each passing minute equals more heart-muscle damage. Rapid diagnosis and Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) dramatically increase a patient’s chance for survival. The Eastern PA EMS Council, in partnership with our regional health care networks and Advanced Life Support (ALS) agencies, initiated a pre-hospital 12 Lead ECG Transmission program in September 2016. This initiative directly linked our pre-hospital practitioners while engaged in the treatment and transportation of the sick and injured. Practitioners initiated treatment regiments and protocols for each patient, and when applicable or in accordance with each networks defined practice, transmitted 12 lead ECG data in advance of the patients arrival.

Transmission of data, be it challenging cases in which a definitive diagnosis requires further clinical review, identifying the most appropriate destination or simply providing additional information with the practitioners medical command report, we are pleased with the feedback being received from all partners. While STEMI initially was our target audience, anecdotal evidence from pre-hospital cases has resulted in capturing brief but vital rhythm disturbances prior to arrival at a definitive care facility, have reduced times to secure clinical intervention or simply the provision of additional clinical information being delivered in advance which becomes a vital part of our patients records. The below data reflects our systems engagement in the program and we thank you for your efforts.

We thank our regional EMS Partners, Medical Command physicians and healthcare networks for the vital role we all play in the delivery of pre-hospital care.

Joint Statement on Red Light and Siren Operations


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