The protocols will be in effect starting 1 September 2017. All EMS providers are required to complete the protocol update course or courses prior to this date. Once this training is complete, the EMS Agency Medical Director may authorize the use of these protocols prior to 1 September 2017. As a reminder, protocol updates are considered a “core” element for recognition for every PA certified EMS provider within their certification period.

2015 Statewide CCT Protocols

2019 / 2020 Protocols

2019 PA BLS Protocols Final

2019 PA ALS Protocols FINAL

2020 PA AEMT Protocols Final

Pennsylvania has used Statewide ALS Protocols since July 1, 2007, and this edition is an update to the version that has been in use since September 1, 2016. To assist EMS providers when reviewing the changes, new sections of the protocols that correspond to these 2015/2016 versions are identified with yellow highlighting and sections that have been removed are struck through and highlighted. EMS providers may use this 2017 version of the statewide protocols as soon as they are familiar with the updates, but all providers must be using these updated protocols by the effective date of Sept. 1, 2017.

To assist providers in becoming familiar with the changes to the protocols, a continuing education presentation will be available to regions and agencies. This update will be available for in-person presentations or the course can be completed on the Learning Management System (LMS). The 2017 ALS Protocol Update (BEMS course #009111) will be considered a core requirement for all EMS providers at and above the level of AEMT that registers their certification during the current time period. Furthermore, the completion of this course should be used by EMS agencies when ensuring that the agency’s providers have been educated to the current protocols.

EMS providers are permitted to perform patient care, within their Pa. defined scope of practice, when following the appropriate protocol(s) or when following the order of a medical command physician. Each EMS provider is responsible for being knowledgeable regarding current state-approved protocols so that he/she may provide the safest, highest quality and most effective care to patients.

PA EMS System Act – ACT 37

EMS Rules and Regulations

Accredited/ Identified PCI Facilities

Eastern PA Region Stroke Hospitals

Scope of Practice for Emergency Medical Service Providers

Scope of Practice Air Medical

Scope of Practice Critical Care Providers


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