John Kloss, EMT-P
Executive Director

Jason Smith, EMT
Deputy Director

Joseph Solderich, EMT
EMS Specialist – Licensure Coordinator


Christopher Confalone, EMT-P
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Larry Helwig, EMT-P
EMS Specialist -Provider Services

Rachel Melendez, EMT
EMS Specialist – Education & Certification

Robert Kempf
Business Manager – Eastern PA EMS Council

April Zehr
Administrative Support Specialist

Current Officers & Board Members

Mr. Rodney J. Wolfe – Board of Directors, President (Monroe County)
VACANT – Board of Directors, Vice President (VACANT)
Ms. Joni Gestl – Board of Directors, Secretary (Carbon County)
Mr. Chris Basile – Board of Directors, Treasurer

Thomas Decker (Northampton County)
Anthony Martin (Berks County)
Dwight Bitting (Lehigh County)
Steve Ridgway (Lehigh County)
Charles Deprill (Lehigh County)
Greg Drake (Director at Large)
Bryan Fritz (Northampton County)
Mark Wiekrykas (Schuylkill County)
Jeff Knopf (Monroe County)
Douglas Sargent (Schuylkill County)
Eric Gratz (Director at Large)
Adam Maziuk (Carbon County)
James Conrad (Berks County)

John Nespoli (Lehigh County)
Donald DeReamus (Northampton County)
Alex Rosenau, DO – Co-medical Director
Duane Siberski, DO – Co-medical Director
Amy Grill (Director at Large)
Aaron Ratner, DO (Director at Large)
Rob Tomsho, DO (Berks County)
Kerry Dempsey (Director at Large)
Shawn Silvoy (Schuylkill County)
Edward Coleman (Director at Large)
Bryan Nelson (Carbon County)
Anthony Tucci (Berks County)
Jonathan Trager, DO (Director at Large)
Barbara Conrad (Director at Large)

Committee Chairperson(s)

Mr. Bryan Fritz – ALS – BLS – Performance Improvement Committee
Mr. Rodney Wolfe – EMS Managers Committee
Mr. Dwight Bitting – EMS Conference Committee Co-chair
Mr. Anthony Martin – EMS Conference Committee Co-chair
Duane Siberski, DO – Medical Advisory Committee
Alex Roseanu, DO – Medical Advisory Committee
Vacant – Communications Committee
Mr. Jeff Knopf – EMS Education Committee

EMSOF Committee

Ms. Joni Gestl (Carbon County)
Mr. Mehmet Barzev (Monroe County)
Mr. Stephen Bobella (Schuylkill County)
Mr. James Conrad (Berks County)
Mr. Edward Coleman (Lehigh County)
Ms. Maria Wescoe (Northampton County)


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