CODE EMS Conference

The 2018 CODE EMS Conference will be held October 10th – 12th, 2018.

In 1994 the Eastern PA EMS Council realized the need for quality education in a relaxing and comfortable environment, away from the everyday “hustle and bustle” of EMS…The Pocono EMS Conference was born. Over the following 20+ years over 10,000 attendees accrued more than 150,000 hours of continuing education. Each and every ensuing year, the Pocono EMS Conference continued to grow. This growth brought us more educators, more vendors, and most importantly, more EMS Providers seeking quality education. We realized the growth has continued and the CODE EMS Conference was born. We have realigned our title to meet our mission, the Conference of Development & Education.

EMS Management and Supervisory Workshop

The CODE EMS Conference is pleased to announce this one-day special EMS Management and Supervisory Workshop. With an emphasis on EMS Leadership, this multi-session event is certain to deliver critical information for the attendee. Registration is limited thus we respectfully request those registering fulfill their attendance obligation so as not to take another potential party opportunity to participate. Lunch will be available and please take the time to visit our exhibitors that will be present to share the latest technology available to the EMS Community.


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