Covid-19: Bureau of EMS Updates

Report Information

EMSIB 2020-01 Novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV

EMSIB 2020-02 Infection Control

EMSIB 2020-06 Covid-19 Policy and Protocol Updates

EMSIB 2020-07 Alternate Pathway for Psychomotor Testing

EMSIB 2020-08 Issued Extension to EMS Certification Expiration Dates

EMSIB 2020-09 Out of State EMS Agencies

EMSIB 2020-10 EMS Providers Obtaining Nasopharyngeal Swabs

EMSIB 2020-11 Level I EMS Staffing Exceptions

EMSIB 2020-12 PCR Data Collection for Exemptions Outlined in EMSIB 2020-.._

EMSIB 2020-13 Alternatives to Nebulized Bronchodilators During COVID-201…

EMSIB 2020-14 COVID-2019 Lapse of Registration Regulatory Exception

EMSIB 2020-15 Signatures on Transfer of Care Forms

EMSIB 2020-16 PPE Reminders

EMSIB 2020-17 Temporary Statewide BLS Non-transport of Patients with Sus…

EMSIB 2020-18 Cardiac Arrest Treatment by EMS in a Patient with Suspected COVID-19

EMSIB 2020-19 Revised Interim Guidance for Cardiac Arrest Treatment by EMS in a Patient with Suspected COVID-19

EMSIB 2020-20 Use of Out of State EMS Providers

EMSIB 2020-21 Statewide ALS Protocol Updates Including Interim COVID-19 …

EMSIB 2020-22 Guidance to EMS Educational Entities

EMSIB 2020-23 Changes to EMS Agency Licensure Inspection Process

EMSIB 2020-24 AEMT Protocol Implementation Extension

EMSIB 2020-25 Additional Extension of CPR Expiration Dates

EMSIB 2020-26 PPE Reminders (Updated)

EMSIB 2020-27 Act 17 of 2020 BLS Ambulance Staffing Exceptions

EMSIB 2020-31 EMS Participation in Mass Vaccination

EMSIB 2021-02 Updated EMS Participation in Mass Vaccination

Protocol 931 Suspected Influenza-Like Illness

COVID-19 Patient Instructions for Self Isolation While Awaiting Laboratory Results

COVID Close Contact Checklist

Evaluation of alternative methods to quantitative fit testing for the protection of healthcare workers – SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 disease)

UPDATE Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Patients with Known or Patients Under Investigation for 2019 Novel Coronavirus in a Healthcare Setting

Responsibility of Hospitals to Notify First Responders of Confirmed COVID-19 Transport Cases




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